Feed Real Food For Your Pets!

What makes us different

The process of cooking at lower temperatures & at slower rates leads to an increase in nutrient retention.

Real Food

Purely a Human-Grade Meat

Made Fresh

Maintain whole food and nutritional integrity

Premium Ingredient

Safety and quality never before available to pets Nutrition that exceeds industry standards for dogs

Made without any

No Preservative, No Chemical, No Addictive, No Fillers

Choosing the right food for your pet

Let’s get real, you don’t have to be a Veterinary Nutritionist to know good food. But it’s nice to have one on staff. Don’t feed your pets fast food. Nurture them with our slow-cooked recipes for healthier, happier pets.

Our nutrition philosophy

Animal-based proteins to build muscle. Low carbs and low-glycemic ingredients to maintain healthy weight. And probiotics to boost immunity.

  1. Pet nutritionists
  2. Health & well-being
  3. Vitamins C & E
  4. Taurine & l-carnitine
  5. Omega fatty acids
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